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The Barclay’s Premier League (EPL) is arguably the best football league in the world with the best soccer players from over 50 countries playing to be named English Champions. The biggest teams in the league are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Manchester City. These 5 clubs have been crowned champions on more occasions than any other club.

Premier League Information and Background

The English Premier League is currently the most famous football league in the world. It is the top flight competition in England where the big matches among English clubs are staged almost every weekend. No wonder it has attracted a lot of global sponsors and top players around the globe to take parts in this so-called most expensive domestic league.

This competition is not only the most popular one, but also the oldest one in modern football. It was formed in 1888 under its old name English football league. However, in 1992, due to the need to revamp the quality as well as the commercial side of English football, this top tier separated from Football League and founded a private company supported by FA to form the Premier League. The declining reputation of English clubs after the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedy in the mid and late 1980s respectively, leading to their bans in European competition was the main reason behind such breakaway.

English Premier League Details

Before the establishment of Premier League, the top level competition in English football system had gone through plenty of changes from the number of contestants to the rules. The only thing which remains the same from the beginning is the format, which is a round robin tournament with home and away games for each and every team.

In its first season, the league consisted of only 12 teams. Then in 1891/92, the contestants were added to 14 clubs and 16 clubs in 1894/95. The promotion and relegation system was first introduced in 1898, followed by another expansion to 20 clubs in 1905 and even 22 clubs in 1919. Next, the new offside law was imposed in 1925 along with the introduction of numbers on shirts in 1939. After that, more rules have been included such as the white balls usage in 1951, the substitutions in 1965, the goal difference to determine the champions for clubs with equal points, the three points for a win in 1981 and last but not least, the use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in 2019/20.

English Premier League, which has attracted 212 countries to broadcast and 4.7 billion people to watch on TV every season, has the highest rank in UEFA coefficient. No wonder that English clubs have thrived again in the continent, especially since The Red Devils’ treble success in 1999. Up to this day, Manchester United is still the most successful team in the history with twenty titles. Its former player, Ryan Giggs, also holds the record of winning the most league titles with thirteen trophies in hand.

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Historic Moments in the Premier League

When it comes to historic moments, there have been quite a plenty of them, both during the older English football league and the Premier League era. Each has its own period of dominance. The Reds did it in mid 1970s to late 1980s by winning ten titles in fifteen seasons while their contender Manchester United had their glorious years from the inaugural season of Premier League till 2013. They had clinched thirteen silverwares in 20 years.

Nevertheless, such is not exactly the first historic moments. One of its earliest ones took place in 1920s when Huddersfield became the first club to win three titles in a row in 1924, 1925 and 1926. The next one was in 1960/61 season when Tottenham Hotspur won the first ever domestic double titles (the League Cup and FA Cup). Then, in 1970s, Brian Clough & Peter Taylor guided Derby County and Nottingham Forest to win the clubs’ first ever league title in 1972 and 1978 respectively before Claudio Ranieri did it with Leicester City in 2016.

Moreover, the 1988/89 season was known as one of the most dramatic ones as the champions had to be decided based on the goal difference since the two contenders, Arsenal and Liverpool collected the same points. Another dramatic year was in 2012 when two Mancunian sides, Manchester City and Manchester United were literally competing till the last minutes of the game and two late goals of The Cityzens led to their 3-2 win over QPR as well as cancelled out United’s ambition to win the league consecutively. Finally, the last two memorable seasons were in 2003/04 and 2019/20. The former one was the time when Arsenal sealed an impressive record of being the invincible champion in one full season, while the latter one marked the league playing behind closed doors and Liverpool’s end of long wait for a league title in the midst of pandemic.

List of Premier League Champions

  • Manchester United: 1992/93, 93/94, 95/96, 96/97, 98/99, 99/20, 00/01, 02/03, 06/07, 07/08, 08/09, 10/11, 2012/13
  • Manchester City: 11/12, 2013/14, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2020/21
  • Arsenal: 1997/98, 2001/02, 2003/04
  • Chelsea: 2004/05, 2005/06, 2009/10,2014/15, 2016/17
  • Leicester City: 2015/16
  • Liverpool FC: 2019/20
  • Blackburn Rovers: 1994/95

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