TicketGum Website Review


We at TicketReview.net are always looking for new Ticket Websites advertising on the major search engines. This month we have been seeing a website called TicketGum.com appearing on the Paid Ad Section of Google.

The website appears to focus heavily on football and other sports across the UK and Europe. The website has a good design and layout and invests in paid advertisements.

Are Paid Ads a Sign of Trust?

Unfortunately No, any company can pay for Google Advertisements to appear at the top and give the impression that they are fully endorsed. This is no sign of trustworthiness and therefore we cannot recommend them based on this alone.

Can I trust TicketGum?

As this is a new website we have no information on whether this website is a reliable and trustworthy ticket shop. We are waiting for more reviews from customers in order to give a fair review of the website.

Can We Recommend Them?

At present we cannot fully recommend a website as we are still waiting on real reviews from real fans. With this we suggest either you return to this page when we have more information or you use one of our recommended football ticket websites below.

Where are they located?

From the footer of the website, the company is owned by Premier Events Ltd located in the Isle of Man. Unfortunately this is the only real contact information available for the website. With this should you have any issues it appears to be very difficult to contact customer service. At the time of writing there is no contact number or email visible on the website.