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The FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar from 21 November 2022 to 18 December 2022 across 8 stadiums in 5 host cities.

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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest national team tournament in the world which take place every 4 years. The World Cup 2022 takes place in Qatar and will be played across different 5 cities and 8 venues in the country. Tickets for the Qatar World Cup have already exceeded expectation for the demand. Safe Ticket Compare provides the full list of where to buy World Cup Tickets 2022.

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FIFA World Cup Information and Background

The FIFA Football World Cup has been the only global tournament which can attract all people around the world, not only the football fans. It is only held every four year but its popularity is far more than the Olympic Games, which was once recognised as the first international football competition back in the early 20th century.

Before being held in 1930, football had not had any official championship for national teams under FIFA, which was only founded in 1904. Olympic games was the only international football tournament, which FIFA themselves recognised as the official competition for the amateur players in 1914. As the time went by, football in the Olympic Games gained its popularity and success from 1920 to 1928. Such eventually pushed FIFA President back then, Jules Rimet, to create their own competition which could accommodate professional players as well instead of only the amateurs like at the Olympic. The world football governing body eventually contested its first World Cup edition in 1930. Uruguay was selected to host the it due to their consecutive triumph in the previous two Olympics, 1924 and 1928. Since then, FIFA World Cup has developed to be the most wanted football competition on earth with more than 20 billion people watching the final rounds in each edition.

FIFA World Cup Details

Since the first edition in 1930, the World Cup has been staged twenty one times, apart from 1942 and 1946 due to the World War II, and hosted in all continents and confederations except Oceania or OFC. The champions are still dominated by UEFA and CONMEBOL representatives so far with Brazil as the record holder for winning five titles. Germany and Italy come second with four titles. Selecao also remains the only team which has never been absent in each world cup edition. As for the host, Mexico will be the first to host the championship for three times, in 1970, 1986 and later in 2026, more than any other nations in the world. The next 2026 World Cup will be the second time staged by the joint hosts in North America after Japan-Korea in 2002.

Throughout the World Cup history, the former Germany striker, Miroslav Klose is the current all time top scorer by netting 16 goals between 2002 and 2014. Another former Die Mannschaft star, Lothar Matthaeus holds the record of making the most appearances in five world cup finals along with two Mexican players Antonio Carbajal and Rafael Marquez.

FIFA World Cup itself, as a matter of fact, begins with the qualifiers in each confederations lasting for three years before staging its final rounds in the neutral place. The only edition whose participants did not have to go through the qualifying round was its inaugural one. Back then only 12 contestants playing in the competition based on the invitation. Since then, there has been constant expansion for the participants from 16 teams (1934 to 1978 - several editions had less than 16 due to the withdrawal, boycott or political issue), 24 (1982 to 1994), 32 (1998 to 2022) and 48 teams from 2026 onwards.

The format has been settled with the combination of round robin at the preliminary round followed by the knockout out stage from 1954 up to now with the exceptions of double group stages for the first and second round in 1974, 1978 and 1982. Previously, the format was not always the same. In 1930 and 1950, the competition began with knockout matches until the last four teams playing in the final four to decide the winner, whereas in 1934 and 1938, no group stage was included and changed to the direct knock out format.

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Historic World Cup Moments

As the most prestigious international football competition, there surely have been quite a number of iconic moments. The first one was the 1950 final when the favorite and the host, Brazil lost 1-2 to Uruguay in Maracana Stadium. It was a devastating outcome for the host nations. However, they had their redemption by winning the titles three times on the road from 1958 to 1970. Pele and Co led them to keep the old trophy, Jules Rimet, as FIFA's appreciation on their accolades.

The next memorable one was the ghost goal in 1966 final leading to England's victory at their home soil. They clinched their first and only title so far by crushing Germany 4-2. Another one took place in 1970s when Netherlands, the pioneer of modern total football, failed twice in the summit. They were defeated by the hosts of 1974 and 1978 editions in the final.

Then, in 1986, it was the time when the world saw the legendary Diego Maradona almost single-handedly guided Argentina to lift their second trophy in Mexico. Another historic one was the 2010 final as the world witnessed Spain emerged to be the new champion after thumping Netherlands 1-0. Last but not least, the exceptional dark horses’ campaigns in the world cup history such as Cameroon in 1990, South Korea in 2002 and Croatia in 2018 are the distinguished moments of glory on its own

List of Past World Cup Winners

  • 1930 Uruguay vs Argentina 4-2
  • 1934 Italy vs Czechoslovakia 2-1
  • 1938 Italy vs Hungary 4-2
  • 1942 & 1946 not held due to World War II
  • 1950 Uruguay vs Brazil 2-1
  • 1954 Germany vs Hungary 3-2
  • 1958 Brazil vs Sweden 5-2
  • 1962 Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 3-1
  • 1966 England vs Germany 4-2
  • 1970 Brazil vs Italy 4-1
  • 1974 Germany vs Netherlands 2-1
  • 1978 Argentina vs Netherlands 3-1
  • 1982 Italy vs Germany 3-1
  • 1986 Argentina vs Germany 3-2
  • 1990 Germany vs Argentina 1-0
  • 1994 Brazil vs Italy 0-0 (3-2)*
  • 1998 France vs Brazil 3-0
  • 2002 Brazil vs Germany 2-0
  • 2006 Italy vs France 1-1 (5-3)*
  • 2010 Spain vs Netherlands 1-0
  • 2014 Germany vs Argentina 1-0
  • 2018 France vs Croatia 4-2

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