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SafeTicketCompare.com aim to compare football ticket prices from the most trusted ticket agents in the UK and Europe. What we do is to make sure that you have access to the all ticket prices all in one place. This not only saves you the ticket buyer money but it also saves you time.

So every time you want to buy tickets and the event is sold-out use Safe Ticket Compare to do the hard-work for you. All of our ticket partners are trusted and have excellent records of delivering tickets. We only work with excellent companies so that you have peace of mind when you want to buy tickets.

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Safe Ticket Compare has been set up with the sole intention of helping people find the cheapest and best tickets for football matches in the United Kingdom with major cities such as London and Manchester being at the most popular. If you need a request then please send us a request and one of our SafeTicketCompare team will look at the best ticket agents to find you football tickets at the best prices.

The biggest matches of the year are the Premier League matches and in particular the top 4 of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.


We are not associated or affiliated with any team or official club. All tickets listed on SafeTicketCompare.com are from third party websites. Our aim is to compare all ticket prices in one place.

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    All seats sold through the websites are fully guaranteed.
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