Why We Review Ticket Agents

The reason that we have reviewed over 25 different ticket agents is so that you, the customer are able to get an idea of the company that you are about to buy tickets from. As you will have seen in the news there has been many different websites offering tikets for events that they have not got and therefore do not end up delivering what they say.

There are also ticket agents which leave you waiting outside the venue until 5 mins before the start to deliver the tickets and therefore this is not good for the stress levels. What we decided to do was to start reviewing ticket agents based on our experience in the ticket industry and from listening to most importantly the fans who have used these agents and have shared their knowledge with us.

Is there a bias to your ticket agents?
We hold no bias reviews against ticket agents and those which we feel are good and will deliver tickets like they have done in the past we will tell you. We would hate to recommend a site and then the next thing you don’t get the tickets you ordered.

We have started now to compare ticket prices for the big events which are usually sold-out so that you get the best deal instead of buying from the first website that you see on google.

We are receiving many comments everyday regarding the ticket agent reviews and would like to thank you for your time and be sure to check out more ticket agent reviews online here.